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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
No offense to Jenny Lewis, but she’s not a big enough name to take over for Stevie. She doesn’t have a recognizable image or songs. Part of the reason Fleetwood Mac were able to survive this episode relatively unscathed is because they brought in largely recognizable and respected names. People had a frame of reference for the new guys and nobody expected Neil and Mike to be like Lindsey as a result.
Totally disagree with this. In 2019, Jenny Lewis has way more name recognition than the other people on your list, especially among younger fans. Might make sense to appeal to them rather than being consistently stuck in the past. Jenny Lewis is at least still making relevant work, which is more than can be said of anybody else you mention. Frankly, she is above "filling in" for Stevie, at least at this point in her career. I highly doubt Neil Finn or Mike Campbell would ever have taken this gig when they were still commercially relevant. It's really for dinosaurs only.
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