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Originally Posted by sasja View Post
Not me, myself, if we have some new Lindsey music in the mean I'll be pleased as punch. But I do admit to the guilty pleasure of wondering how that tour will go.

I have a morbid fascination with what a **** show this tour has the potential to be. Anyone thinking they won't do Landslide, Dreams, Rhiannon, and Silver Springs is fooling him/herself.

They will very likely do: Little Lies, Say You Love Me, Don't Stop, World Turning, and Everywhere.

The question is what change-ups will be included? Will they do Black Magic Woman (doubt it), Oh Well (likely), Hypnotized (doubt it), Station Man (possibly), Tell Me All the Things You Do (an intriguing possibility), or go even deeper with jewels like Child of Mine, Jumping at Shadows, Future Games, or Dust?

They will likely do a Tom Petty tune, a few solo Stevie numbers. But will they try Christine's "One in a Million"? They will also probably play a Crowded House tune--much to the embarrassment of all.

The more chances they take, the more potentially interesting the shows will be. I doubt, however, they will stray much from their existing, already-tired and tiresome setlist.

If they do GYOW I'll laugh and laugh and laugh.
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