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I like every single Christine song she ever made before 1975. Then all at once she falls off a cliff with the first alum with Stevie and Lindsey. I know Iíll be in the minority here, but I honestly feel the 1975 album is as much of a sudden drop off in quality of songs for Christine as it was for Stevie on Tango in the Night.

Say You Love Me is catchy and John mcvie keeps it from
Being completely forgettable with his bass lines (as he would do many times in the future especially on the say You will album) But warm ways is boring for all the reasons already stated.

World Turning is one of their 5 greatest live staples of all time (maybe as epic as the Rhiannonís in the 70s in hindsight) but the reissue has shown that World Turning along with Sugar Daddy and Over My Head were initially FAR better. Sugar Daddy being the worst offender. Iím sorry but I have to say Lindsey essentially butchered Christineís how incredible pre-75 song streak with his production on her songs on that first album.

And let me clarify, other then warm ways, I donít think the rest of Christineís songs on this album are bad. Just a huge step down from all the bob Welch era albums and only in the past year do I see how much better they could have been.
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