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I was sitting in the doctor’s office when I caught myself humming this song as it was being played over the radio, not even realizing that I was doing it until the lady next to me giggled. Yo, all I have to say is this **** is a classic, I was merely 1 yrs old when it came out but I would hear the song over and over years down the road through moms. So fast forward to 2001 and I’m working in a Radio Shack, yes I actually remembered where I was, I heard the familiar sample and looked up on our screens and there was Destiny’s Child sampling this song for “Bootylicious”. My preference is still for the original by Stevie Nicks, which is called “Edge of Seventeen”.

From Wikipedia:

According to Nicks, the title came from a conversation she had with Tom Petty’s first wife, Jane, about the couple’s first meeting. Jane said they met “at the age of seventeen,” but her strong Southern accent made it sound like “edge of seventeen” to Nicks. The singer liked the sound of the phrase so much that she told Jane she would write a song for it and give her credit for the inspiration.

Although Nicks originally planned to use the title for a song about Tom and Jane Petty, the deaths of her uncle Johnathan and of John Lennon during the same week of December 1980 inspired a new song for which Nicks used the title. Nicks’ producer and friend Jimmy Iovine was a close friend of Lennon, and Nicks felt helpless to comfort him. Soon after, she flew home to Phoenix, Arizona, to be with her uncle Johnathan, who was dying of cancer. She remained with her uncle and his family until his passing.

Pretty interesting inspiration for the song, I’d say.
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