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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I get your point, but to a lesser extent I would also say Waddy, Mick, John, Christine, Richard, and Keith. They all knew her before she was anyone.
Richard and Keith don't count. She doesn't stay in contact with them. Their "shared history" ended a while back, just like high school friends you don't talk to anymore.

Mick, John, and Christine knew her before she was anyone... for a few months!

You have a point with Waddy, but I think "to a lesser extent" doesn't really convey how wide the gap is.

The thing about Stevie and Lindsey's shared history is that they met when they were teenagers. When you're young, there's a big difference between 17 and 23.

And unlike Waddy, whose relationship with Stevie has always been filtered through nothing but music, going back to the guy with a guitar smoking pot on the floor who's part of the LA scene.... Lindsey goes back to the teenage kid grabbing lemonade out of her mother's refrigerator when they both were still living with their parents in the suburbs, nursing dreams. The gap is huge.

As Angel75 says, other than Chris, there isn't any other living person who has consistently been in her life for that long.

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