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Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
If it were a mutual decision to take some time apart, then that would be one thing.

But Lindsey was fired from the band he had devoted most of his life to... FOREVER, unless things change. Stevie ripped a huge part of his life away from him. She tossed him aside like garbage and replaced him with another man in a heartbeat, as if he were nothing but a sideman.

How are they going to come back from this?

I'm afraid she destroyed their 50 year relationship forever.

I hope I'm wrong.
I hope this has not destroyed their relationship forever too.

Aside from her brother, who else is still alive that she has all that shared history with?

I guess you just have to hope she wakes up one morning and realises today is the day to suck it up and give him a heartfelt apology.
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