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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Gosh these interviewers were HORRIBLE. It frustrates me so much to get a rock legend in your studio and you don't prepare. In the meantime was 12 years ago that Chris recorded with her nephew. These guys said.... you were here only a few years ago with your cousin?
They did not know how to classify Fleetwood Mac's music in the late 60s or early 70s? WTF? How dare you ask that question to Christine. She should have walked out
When Chris said she never heard the new Mirage about playing 30 seconds of Hold Me or something and get her thoughts?
Instead, we get the same questions and answers Chris has been answering for 2 years now. You had a fear of flying? Wow. How did you get over it?
Such a lost moment!
A bit harsh.
ITMT was 12 years ago, but hey, time flies. There are plenty of things that I think were only a few years ago and then they turn out to be a lot further back in time. I think they would have been a bit surprised she didn't know more about the Mirage release. I don't think they can just press a button and music plays straight away just like that. They aren't mind readers. I thought it was a nice, jovial interview. Yeah, not breaking any new ground but nice and fun.
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