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Default All Over Again

I have posted the second part of a further exploration of the ‘All Over Again’ aka ‘I’ve Got a Mind to Give Up Living’
One of the covers that has long interested me, admittedly more for the mystery of its origins, rather than the musical value (though others may disagree) is this one:

Said to be an early 1968 recording of The Black Cat Bones, featuring both Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke, if that is in fact correct, it would pre-date our first recording by Fleetwood Mac (though that is not proof that they weren’t already performing the number) –
I do not believe that it is Kossoff playing lead guitar, but the tangled history of the band makes it difficult to determine who it may actually be.
Anyone more familiar with the guitar styles of Paul Kossoff or Rod Price (one possibility if it is not Kossoff) ?

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