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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
[This guy was tearing apart a Kevin Smith interview and Kevin was trying to put together a horror movie called Tusk (a walrus tusk, not having anything to do with FM) and in attacking Kevin this commenter made a LB reference]

Youíre kidding, right? This keeps going? This isnít a cliffhanger, Kevin. The audience is a tangle of shattered limbs at the bottom of the ravine by now, and youíre just poking us with your typing wand to see if weíre still listening.

But good luck with TUSK. Iím sure it wonít turn into something you dangle in front of your fans for the indefinite future. And donít worry about the second mortgage, either. Because what are the odds that a project called TUSK will turn into an exorbitantly expensive artistic disaster?

BONUS LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM BURN! (*shreds guitar for what seems like forever*)

Read more:

As a Kevin Smith fan, I am inclined to agree with the author! This movie concept really doesn't do anything for me. The part about Kevin having "something to dangle in front of your fans" is my favorite line. He really has been stringing us along with Hit Somebody and Clerks 3!

But he crossed the line referring to the album as an artistic disaster.
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