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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Thank you, Homer, dreamsunwinded, and fuzzy plum! That picture was especially helpful!

Who knew Rick Nowels was so cute back in the day LOL? I also never realized how similar Bob Welch and Ray Lindsey looked back then. I find it so cool that Lindsey invited (or allowed Mick to bring along) Bob Weston, as well as Welch, Walt Egan, and Dennis Dunstan to the shoot, along with the others, of course. Iíve never heard of Steve Ross but itís interesting to me how much he stood out here, while Bob Weston practically disappears in the video! Perhaps leading credence to the idea that Weston wasnít right for Fleetwood Mac? Anyway, interesting video and time capsule to 1981.
Steve Ross was a close friend of Fleetwood Mac. In particular, I think he was Lindsey's best mate for a few years. He contributed to Fleetwood's I'm Not Me and featured heavily in the Angel Come Home video.

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