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Default Danny and Grateful Dead -Fillmore 1970

I'm sure there's a thread like this on this board, but I was reading the posts on one archived bulletin board and it was like unraveling a mystery as people put together different clues to establish that Danny was playing with The Grateful Dead live at Fillmore east February 11, 1970. They are pointing out Fleetwood Mac membrs and debating whether Danny joined in or not. The posts go back several years, but the most recent is from last month.

Here's a smattering from the ongoing discussion.

Arthur Lee of Love adds percussion to the Dark Star. The third guitarist audible starting about 2:30 into Dark Star and for several minutes thereafter is Peter Green. Duane Allman on slide guitar enters around the middle of Dark Star. Gregg Allman adds organ & vocals during Lovelight, and Barry Oakley plays a second bass on Lovelight. Richard Pipes believes Fleetwood Mac-member Danny Kirwan's guitar is also to be discerned in the background. The encore is acoustic Dead, with only one acoustic guitar. The timings are from the AUD supplemented by the SBD. The Allman Bros and Love were also on the bill.
That is Danny on stage. He even plays a few power chords somewhere in Lovelight. It's definitely to blonde to be Phil and you can see Berry Oakley on stage too which means Phil is sitting it out. I haven't listened to the entire show yet so I'm not sure what rating I should give it but with the all star lineup I'll give it a five star rating.

[Notes from Searching for the Sound] Mick Fleetwood and Danny Kirwan “find room to join the festivities”

Based on a picture in the "The Deadhead's Tape Compendium Volume 1," the following people were on stage: Mick Fleetwood-dancing, Peter Green-guitar, Pigpen-vocals, Bob Weir-guitar/vocals, Danny Kirwin-guitar, Gregg Allman-organ/vocals, Jerry Garcia-guitar, Bill Kreutzmann-drum kit, Berry Oakley-bass, Butch Trucks-drum kit, Duane Allman-guitar, Mickey Hart-percussion. Phil Lesh is not pictured. The photo is likely of "Lovelight." I just found a link to the CD cover with the photo:

as with all live tapes one can wish for completeness. what was there of dark star was great. lovelight was sublime. peter green, duane allman, danny, dickey and bob being sheparded by jerry into musical bliss. Don't you wish you could go back in time. great Me and my uncle
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