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I just don't think its one of Stevie's better written songs. It could be better with more time on lyrics and verse. IMHO its clearly a rushed song that is probably close to if not exactly like the demo. It was mailed to the Mac while on the RAL tour. I don't think lots of time or effort went into the song and it shows. My bet Lindsey added his vocal to add something to the song since Stevie was not there. That does add a little more depth to the song but its still not a great song.
Some of you guys are really panning for gold in the shallow waters of Tango
I remember the Rolling Stone review of Tango that was mostly positive but sort of made fun of the endless "what's the matter baby whats the matter baby baby's
Stevie at the time still had a vault of great songs that would have really improved Tango. Its a shame she never got to contribute them for this effort and we got stuck with the worst contributions of Stevie songs ever.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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