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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
I wanted to pay a little tribute to this tortured song. (because I've been listening to the re-master deluxe version that was just released...)

Next time you listen to WISYA, hear the "Fleetwood Mac" in it.
Listen to the guitar and keyboards, then combine the backing vocals by Buckingham/McVie. Notice how much contrast they have with this scorned and wounded woman. The sound of angels, as Stevie tries to figure out why she can't make it with the one who owns her heart. andddd (Who just happens to be singing 'beautifully' with a tall blonde british woman.)

Try to listen to it in this manner. Why? because Stevie Nicks nails what this song is about. You may not like her tone or timbre, but it accurately depicts the setting.

When you understand it that way, you can then appreciate the delicate voices, keyboards, and guitar that give way to a chamber of living angst.

............. well at least there is a dream left....
I was really hoping they would release the duet version. I'm a bit disappointed in the selection of some of the outtakes. There are certainly more left in the vaults and God only knows why they're holding on to them.

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