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Boy this is a toughie! That line "packin' up, shackin' up's all you wanna do" can be interpreted so many ways. It's really an ambiguous little sentiment that I think was fully intended by Lindsey. I think Lindsey wanted more from Stevie and those of you who said he wanted marriage may not be that far off. Take for instance: "If I could, baby I'd give you my world/ how can I when you won't take it from me?" By giving Stevie his "whole world" it's like Lindsey's saying, I'd give you everything, every part of me, but you don't want it, you just want to go. That line definitely gives further credence to the notion that Lindsey wanted a more serious, committed relationship than Stevie could or wanted to reciprocate at the time. When Stevie broke up with Linds, he was angry, hurt, resentful you name it. So in order to "get back at her" I think he wrote "shackin up is all you wanna do" ambiguously, making it seem to her and to all of us like all she wants to do is shack up with other men, but in reality I think he was really referring to their relationship and her lack of interest in committing to him. I think Lindsey intended for this line to remain ambiguous so as to further piss Stevie off at the time
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