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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post
Yes, looking at the hairstyle maybe it's better to say that it's 1987. There was a photoshoot for Rock a Little in which she wore the same blouse, you can see a glimpse of the same tulle of it in the picture I first posted, but the hair are Tango In The Night.
However yes, getting near to 1988 Stevie looked a bit less lively and that took something away from her beauty. I think during the press conference you mentioned, the hair dressing salon event and the Tango In The Night album photoshoot she looked stunning:

I've always thought she was a bit of a mess during the hairdressing event.. and she def looks to me anyway like she's on something in that. She looks too sweaty and she's a bit too... I guess blabby is the word.. in the videos of the hairdressing thing. That may be coke, who knows, though hadn't she just done her first rehab?. And Jose Eber comes off as a total slimy hanger-on in that whole event too. But he was 'the' guy in those days.
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