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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Micks new book; Love That Burns
at 325 +p&p, that's 1 per page.

It looks very nice, but I'm not sure if there'll be many new, unseen pictures included.
. . . yes indeed, it looks VERY nice, no doubt about that. but watch out for THIS , all you hard core f.m. aficionados:
the included 7" even boasts a musical holy grail to boost - at least that's what they make you think, as it reads "an exclusive 7" vinyl picture disc includes (...) a rare instrumental track, first recorded in February 1967, titled 'Fleetwood Mac' (...)."
WOW!!! what a stunning rarity! now this REALLY justifies a princely sum like that! do they really think they can fool the folks who spend the mere few bob on this tome??? but the end always justifies the means, doesn't it . . . OH WELL (to say it in greeny's own words)!
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