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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post

I asked the staff if there were any photos for sale of Lindsey. They said, "Um, yeah we have some. We aren't allowed to put them out, but we can show them to you over here." And they took us to a cabinet and pulled out a handful of them laid out in one of the drawers. Then they told us they were given clear direction that they were NOT to put ANY pics of Lindsey out on display, explaining, "They're kind of on the outs". One of us said, "Yeah, I guess when there's lawsuits involved it gets tricky." One of the staff then said, very quickly, in a way that sounded like they got talking points in case someone brought it up, "Well they settled the lawsuit very quickly. They wanted to acknowledge his contributions to the songs."

Lindsey's only presence was in a couple of vintage 70s group shots. There was however a nice B&W pic of Stevie and Tom for sale and a huge color photo of Tom and Mike onstage prominently displayed inside the restaurant (not for sale in the gallery). Zero photos we saw of the current lineup anywhere.
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