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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I am also a huge fan of both and have attended solo shows of the singers and have their albums. A true miracle happened and Christine came back to the band after 16 years and performed a HUGE world tour. Even then people started to attack them for performing too much and not recording a new album. People forgot about the miracle and when a miracle happens sit back and enjoy it. The biggest miracle would be for these 5 members to record an album together. This has not happened since the 1980's. For what ever reason, Stevie is dragging her feet. But even worse IMHO, she is not honest with her fans. Does anyone really believe the reason she does not want to do the album is because it might not be good? That is an insult to the rest of the band and Christine. So there is a reason why there is a bitterness towards Stevie in this forum. She is preventing a miracle from happening. The Stevie (only) fans have reacted in attacking the rest of the band. I see the band as innocent and just wanting to record an album. As real or true fans we should all want that. I do not see the band touring without Stevie. I think that was a statement to get Stevie's attention to come back to the band. The band is older and they travel in lavish ways in private jets, etc. The band playing small theaters could not travel and support their touring lifestyle. In addition, to practice and tour only to come off the tour and rehearse and tour again is a bit strange. Maybe the band would showcase their new songs while Stevie hides backstage. If the Stevie ONLY fans do not like discussing Fleetwood Mac there are other forums devoted only to Stevie's solo career.
I really think it's naive to think that Stevie can put a stop to the rest of the band, she is only one fifth of the band and I doubt that she alone has the power to force the other four fifths to do anything they don't want to.
However I'm curious, don't you consider The Dance a group effort? It's one of my favourite periods of this band.
I don't think Stevie is necessarily dishonest, unless it's bout being dishonest with herself. In the end she didn't say that the album wouldn't be good, she said that it wouldn't sell, which is different, and actually the more an album is good, the more frustrating it is if it doesn't sell.
I also think that at this point in their lives we as real and true fans should be happy with whatever the band members want to give to us, they already gave us very much and deserve in their older years to do what they want at the time they want.
I have missed these Stevie fans attacking the rest of the band, where has it happened?

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