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Seriously - why does this band refuse to release excellent video of their shows during their prime eras? I don't know any other band who is so resistive. Is this the band? Or the label? Combination of both?

We know that film footage (probably the original stock) from the 1979 Checkerdome show exists in the Warner Bros vault. Clearly, excellent multitrack audio masters from that show exist as we've gotten newly released songs from that as part of the recent Tusk reissue. How amazing would it be to release that entire show, remastered in HD (the show appears to have been shot on 35mm film), with 5.1 HD audio on Blu Ray!? It would sell like hotcakes!

This, in combination with a simple DVD release of the Mirage show with all of the songs not on the video release, would HAVE to net serious profit. I'm absolutely perplexed as to why we don't get this.

I have a theory, but I don't even want to talk about it...
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