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Originally Posted by stevierocks87 View Post
In my dream world they are withholding all the live footage for some mega blue-ray set in the future

Seriously, this makes absolutely no sense to me. Audio only of an already released video seems to be about the laziest thing they could possibly do.

But if accurate the outtakes CD sounds amazing!
Sadly, there will not ever be a Blu-ray release of the Mirage LA concert. It was filmed on video tape which does not benefit from a mastering of the video in high definition. Almost no visible difference from DVD.

This sort of infuriates me even more though... there should be little to no remastering required for a DVD release of the LA Forum show (low effort). Just release a DVD in 2.0 Stereo and we would all be happy! Sad that they couldn't make that happen. Wonder if it's a licensing issue with HBO and the label?
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