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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
The Tusk Documentary video and the Mirage video may be caught up in some sort of legal issue that prevents their rerelease on DVD or blu-ray. The lack of music videos for Tusk, Sara, Hold Me, and Gypsy is harder to understand. It may be that consumers complained the music videos weren't included so the record company listened and included them for the Tango rerelease. It's possible they may release all the FM videos on a separate dvd/blu-ray.
This is hopefully what will occur. My dream is for the equivalent of the Genesis Movie box, but with Fleetwood Mac stuff. High quality as possible Blu Ray or DVD releases of Rosebud, tusk doc, mirage tour, maybe Stevie's solo show in 1981 (hey it has a lot of FM tracks!), Tango tour, classic albums, destiny rules, the dance, a music video DVD, and live in Boston.

Rosebud was released on DVD but could likely be upgraded to Blu Ray, maybe as an extra on a tusk doc disk or soemthing.

I don know what the deal is with the Tusk doc. Was definitely shot on film and could look amazing on Blu Ray. Probably rights issues.

The Mirage tour was almost certainly shot on film, and could easily benefit from a Blu Ray release. Hopefully they didn't throw out the footage all the cut tracks (Hold Me, Landslide, Dreams, Second Hand News, Sara, Don't Stop, etc.), but it's entirely possible since they weren't included with the Mirage Deluxe Live Disc. Incorporating those back in the show would be amazing, ala Dio's Sacred Heart Blu Ray. Legal rights are definitely an issue because YouTube videos of the different mirage tour songs get pulled down by various companies. One of those companies is Eagle Rock, however, who is known for releasing older shows remastered on Blu Ray. the band may also be unwilling to release it as they weren't necessarily in top form during the Mirage Tour.

I hope something similar to the above happens with Stevie's live show from 1981. It has some difinitive performances on it and the video likely exists for the cut material (besides the probably-lost Blue Lamp and Think About It) since Leather & Lace video has been released and the rest of the audio was on Bella Donna deluxe.

The Tango tour... I'm not sure. It was most certainly edited on tape, so if the source footage was film it would have to be totally re-edited to be released on a high definition format, and I doubt they'd be willing to do that (as nice as it would be, the original editing is horrendous). It's already on DVD with decent sound and fine SD picture though so this probably last priority besides...

The Dance. While I would love to have it open-frame in HD, I have doubts it was shot in HD or on film, so the current DVD is probably as good as it gets. In the case of a box set I suppose it could be re-released with some bonus features like rehearsal footage or alternate takes (I really hope that footage of them rehearsing Isn't it Midnight exists in some vault somehwere).

The easiest upgrade would be Live in Boston for Say You Will because it was shot digitally in HD. Just a Blu Ray port and upgraded audio and it's done.
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