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Originally Posted by AliP View Post
Yeah, what exactly did he do? Get hair plugs? He seemed to age alot from the Gift of Screws tour to the Seeds We Sow tour. His hair was so far back on his forhead it was shocking. He looked a bit like Art Garfunkle which was a bit embarrassing. Now it seems his hairline has come back a bit and he looks better.

If he's never had surgery, his skin looks pretty good. He has a few wrinkles here and there but for his lifestyle and stress he's had in life, he looks great for his age.
I think he started aging more after like 2010 and his hairline was receding so for reasons I'll never understand he shaved it even moreso to make some weird bowl looking thing and I agree it looked ridiculous. Like someone else pointed out you can actually see where he shaved it. Then afterwards I think he let it grow back out and got plugs or something so it looks better/more normal now.
Imo he looks his age in pictures but I've read from a lot of people who met him/saw him close up that he looks much younger in person.
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