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Originally Posted by lilyfee View Post
I donít think sheís ever admitted this. We just know that she was seeing a plastic surgeon about her nose and he was the one who discovered the hole.

Stevie says she doesnít go under the knife... but that leaves a lot open. I hate the filler look but itís so common these days. There are also some interesting facials out there... like Kim Kardashianís vampire facial or one that Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett talked about recently that I wonít name here.
yes to both points.

But the tip of her nose has changed. It was a bit larger in early FM photos. She had it made a bit smaller, and whoever did it changed the lovely upturned tip she had in the early days of FM. Check out her profile view in the mid 70s and now.

I don't believe her when she says no surgery. She's def had some small procedures done-- under eye bags for sure, her nose, her boobs...there's plenty of surgery she's done.
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