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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
IA. He looks 'clean', but he completely looks his age. He looks fine but to me at least you can tell that he's a near 70 year old who lived a heavy rock n roll life back in the day but emerged okay from it. I think he got his hairline fixed up a bit but does that count?

Stevie said she got botox around SYW and hated it but has she done anything since then? Maybe something subtle but I wouldn't be able to tell. She wears good makeup and hair extensions which I think helps her look younger.
Something about Christine's face looks kind of 'off' to me but I wouldn't know what it is.
Stevie did her boobs very early on in FM; she did her nose in the later 80s; she's had her teeth capped (look at old photos with her big front teeth compared to now), she definitely does fillers; she's had her eyes done (she was developing noticeable under eye bags even in the 80s and they then went away)....... and who knows what else.

Christine's had a facelift and she went way overboard with fillers when she was doing BuckVie but seems to have laid off that much for the better.
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