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Its funny how everyone has a different perspective. Bad Journey is actually my favorite from the album (as hard as it is to pick a favorite). Its different and not a love song. That is a rare Chris song. It has a much different hook but I really like it.

And I like the lyric...blind man that now can see. When you are blinded by true love you feel these extreme feelings as goofy as they sound.

But the best part of this video is seeing Chris scoot around the yard on that motor scooter with her dogs
"Blind man that now can see" is a lyric in "You Are," not "Bad Journey." But I also love "Bad Journey" for its funky vibe and very un-Christine-like feel.

I think the scooter footage is funny! I think this video circulated when In the Meantime came out, when some of us were hanging around the old Christine McVie website message board.
-Joanne (from Cape Cod)
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