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Originally Posted by BlueDenimLamp View Post

The United States is a BIG country and animal populations need to be controlled. In NY State (my state)alone 243,000 deer were harvested by hunters in 2013 NYS deer report

You may not like the practice of animal control but the people I know a that have been in car accidents and had their vehicles ruined because a deer jumped in front of their car think otherwise . If populations are not controlled the problem only gets worse.

And yes people do eat what they shoot. The neighbor has a freezer full of venison (deer meat).
Maybe if trophy hunters would stop killing predators that keep deer in check, there wouldn't be so many of them. The cause of the problem is not the solution to the problem. Cougars and wolves eat deer; of course, when all the cougars and wolves are killed for strip malls and subdivisions... No one eats wolves or cougars.
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