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Originally Posted by svnwndrs View Post
Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel this way, too. I don't want to believe that this is the way Stevie feels because I'm such a huge fan, but I can't help feeling disappointed at her attitude about never recording again ever, and honestly I'm a little pissed off. You can add me to that list of unhappy people on here.

But I am glad that she has such a rich discography because I still listen to all her music solo and with FM all the time! :-) Just kinda have to hold on and cherish her legacy, I guess...
I loved 24K Gold. Thought it was one of her best solo albums ever, however, I don't really like her anymore. She keeps belittling her own band and building other bands like the Heartbreakers up. She is always blaming her failures on Lindsey and yet, he made her a star. She is spoiled and self centered. She won't record with Fleetwood Mac even though it would only be a month out of her life. Plus, she is just fake - all the fake praise for Glee, Twilight... she is not real, she is always conniving.

The big reason is though is I can't stand her belittling her band mates anymore. What kind of person is she? Certainly not trustworthy. She is coming to Columbus Ohio and I won't be there. She has pretty much lost me.
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