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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I liked that look John shot Stevie during GDW.

They definitely seem to be enjoying themselves. Stevie especially seems much more engaged compared to OWTS, where she seemed to be on autopilot.

I have to say I've been reading a lot of these reviews and watching videos etc and I'm pretty surprised at how well it works. On paper I thought at the least it would be interesting, but it actually seems like the band has been energized. I saw the Rumours 5 once, in Toronto in 2015. It was...ok. IMO they played too long, and really when LB was doing his thing people used that as the beer break. "I Know I'm Not Wrong" just was not a song most people wanted to hear. I'm a huge LB fan but I didn't really enjoy the show that much. They were fine, just on autopilot, as you say here.
All this to say...this is just Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac-ing...and it ain't over until it's over, so who knows what the future holds. But all in all I'm pretty impressed by this lineup. It was funny when they were playing "Hypnotized" though, all i could see was people leaving on the videos. It sounded great though.
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