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Originally Posted by bikerchic
Is this the performance you mean? It's the first time I've seen it (thanks to youtube and priestofnothing). It totally rocks! The close-ups of Stevie are total cuteness! and I love her singing those parts!
If the Rosebud version is the one I'm correctly thinking about - I would say that would be my favorite live version of the song. Not that its better than anything else - I just really love it. You can see that the sting of the song is fresh to Stevie, and when she sings the back up vocal, the camera is right on her, and she looks dazed, like she's holding down some tears and venom..even her eyes look a bit - teary - not that she is - it just looks really cool. Yes - total cuteness - the kind I wish I had!

I also love how she has her hand on her hip at the beginning - like - "Ok you a-hole, lets start this thing and get it over with"...(Again - I'm hoping this is the same concert). The drama was really going on between them at that there are sparks.

But my all time favorite version is the album. The song is just simply orgasmic as it hits the crecendo and just fades out. Great song. I can't remember when I first heard it. It's does sound like it's always been around...I guess Lindsey had a good muse the day he wrote it...and was able to snatch it from the air.

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