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The Carousel Ballroom recordings have been in circulation for some time now and songs from different nights, sets and even venues (the Fillmore West) have been mixed and matched on fan traded bootlegs for a long time now; add in the incorrect titles used on quite a few of the numbers and it can be difficult to know just what you have.
I also believe that the Carousel Ballroom recordings actually date from June 20, 22 or 23, 1968.

They played multiple sets each night, and these, I believe are the proper set lists:
(Note: the names after the titles are not necessarily the composers, but rather the performers who inspired Fleetwood Mac’s covers)

First Set

Madison Blues (Elmore James) (4:25)

Something Inside Of Me (Elmore James) (5:33)
(sometimes listed as ‘My Baby’s Gone’)

The Woman I Love (P. Green) (4:43)
(sometimes listed as ‘My Baby’s Skinny’)

Worried Dream (B. B. King) (9:42)

Dust My Broom (Robert Johnson arrang. E. James) (4:37)

Got To Move (Homesick James Williamson) (3:57)

Trying So Hard To Forget (P. Green) (4:36)

Carousel Jam (P. Green, J. McVie, M. Fleetwood) (9:30)

Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Freddie King) (8:39)

Lazy Poker Blues (P. Green) (4:39)

Second Set
*Guest Musician: Paul Butterfield: harmonica

*Stop Messin’ Round (P. Green) (1:20 – incomplete)

*I Love Another Woman (P. Green) (5:22)

*I Believe (Elmore James) (5:03)

*The Sun Is Shining (Elmore James) (4:50)

Long Tall Sally (Little Richard) (4:18)

Willie and the Hand Jive (Johnny Otis) (4:04)

Tutti Frutti (Little Richard) (2:59)

Ready Teddy (Little Richard) (3:15 – incomplete)

There are another four songs (most likely the end of one of their sets), that also appear to have been recorded at the Carousel Ballroom:

Need Your Love So Bad (Little Willie John) (1:32 – incomplete)

I Believe (Elmore James) (4:50)

Shake Your Moneymaker (Elmore James) (8:10)

Ready Teddy (Little Richard) (3:04)

I hope that this helps – if you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on here The Ledge, or through Private Message, or at

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