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Originally posted by chiliD
Hey, John.

I have that CD, except the catalogue number doesn't have a "B" at the end, and it INCLUDES "Long Tall Sally".

I've always considered it a "legit" release...although, the reference to both Danny KERWIN in one part of the liner notes and Danny KIRWIN in another (nowhere in the text do they spell his name correctly); as well as slide guitar by JeremEy Spencer, put some doubt in my mind...but then some official releases, supposedly endorsed by Mick, misspell Danny's surname, as well.

So, I would say this one sort of falls in that gray area between "official" & "bootleg". Sort of a "legit" release that is not endorsed by the band. (I think that Clifford Davis must've owned the tapes and released a similar way to Dinky Dawson releasing the "Shrine '69" album, except Dinky had Mick's blessings.
Hey ChiliD! Thanks for the info, it's cool with me that it was "blessed" by SOMEONE of a legal nature, that's all it takes for me to consider it "fair game", Eh, I don't care about Mick's blessing!

HA! Yeah, I saw the mispellings, I know what you mean about how even "definite legal releases" still have spelling mistakes. I think the CD copy of "Mr. Wonderful" that I have tries to be overly meticulous as they even go so far as to state that Peter Green's middle initial is "S"! Don't know where they got that from, I don't know how they can mix up S & A ("A" of course it what it should be)!

Shame though that this version I found doesn't have LTS though, I would have liked to have heard what they woulda done with THAT tune, if the other Tea Party Little Richard covers are anything to go by! Ah well, the completest that I am, I gotta go find that FULL version of the CD now!

Any ideas anyone on where I might find the FULL version of this CD? (and yes, I just checked ebay and it's not there)


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