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Hey, John.

I have that CD, except the catalogue number doesn't have a "B" at the end, and it INCLUDES "Long Tall Sally".

I've always considered it a "legit" release...although, the reference to both Danny KERWIN in one part of the liner notes and Danny KIRWIN in another (nowhere in the text do they spell his name correctly); as well as slide guitar by JeremEy Spencer, put some doubt in my mind...but then some official releases, supposedly endorsed by Mick, misspell Danny's surname, as well.

So, I would say this one sort of falls in that gray area between "official" & "bootleg". Sort of a "legit" release that is not endorsed by the band. (I think that Clifford Davis must've owned the tapes and released a similar way to Dinky Dawson releasing the "Shrine '69" album, except Dinky had Mick's blessings.
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