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Question Is this a bootleg or "legal" CD?

I just found a copy of the 1994 German CD entitled "The Original Fleetwood Mac Blues Band" (not to be confused with the Blue Horizon OFM studio outtakes compilation) on the Eagle label (catalog number EA-R90601 B) which includes live recordings of the Fillmore West January 4, 1970 FM show. Now, the page for it at the Penguin Discography lists it as "Import CD" and it has the same cover etc. and all of the tracks listed on that page are on this CD (except it does NOT have "Long tall Sally" which is listed in the tracklisting on that page) and a (great) book I just got called "Blues rock explosion" refers to it as a "foreign release" but being the stickler for not trying to have any boots as such in my collection, I guess I just wanna hear some others thoughts on whether this is deemed as an "above board" release or not. I guess I should copy this over to the Peter Green board to see if Mario knows too huh? So, I'll go and do that now. I look forward to hearing some thoughts on this from some of you soon. Thanks in advance!

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