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Child Of Mine--9.5
The Ghost--7 (down the list of my favorite Bob Welch tunes)
Homeward Bound--8.5
Sunny Side Of Heaven--(on a scale of 1 to 10) 20!!!! (The best thing Danny ever did...with FM or after)
Bare Trees---7.5 ("Station Man" rehashed a third time..."Sands Of Time" on Future Games was second)
Sentimental Lady---8.5 (better live as first half of medley with "Future Games"...even better on "French Kiss")
Danny's Chant---8 (the intro makes an expectation the rest of the song doesn't deliver; but it's worth putting up with the rest of the song just for it.)
Spare Me A Little Of Your Love---10
Thoughts On A Grey Day--talk about "wasted space"

Add 'em up, divide by 9 equals an average score of 9.6

I just wonder what this album would've sounded like had the original mixes not been erased at JFK airport in 1972.
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