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Originally Posted by jeets2000 View Post
I don't think this is quite what you're talking about, but it reminded me: I don't know this for certain, but I have to imagine that even the Dance version of Say You Love Me was primarily his engineering. I loved how that came off, and that's what I always wished the band would do when they went out on these tours with no new material to support. If you're going to trot out the old catalogue, sure, give us a few in their unadulterated form, but throw in a few curveballs too. Recreate the AHI acoustic "Gypsy" with a guitar tech and John on acoustic bass.
Ahhh. That AHI Gypsy was wonderful.

Yikes, don't mention the last NGBA. It's an insult to Brushes.

You know what annoys me about Lindsey is the way he didn't change his GOS songs when Stevie's voice was added. I wish he had used Say You Will as an opportunity to reimagine the songs.

I suppose I understand it. On the one hand, as focused fans, we had bootlegs and so a new arrangement of an old song doesn't deprive us of material, because we had the unfinished stuff. But the artist has to think of all listeners. And I guess he doesn't want to change what he thought was a good version of his song, just because he's adding an additional vocal track to it.

Same thing with Sleeping Around the Corner. I loved Lindsey's album version, but since I had that, I wanted something a little more different on the BuckVie album.

As for the recurring Steal Your Heart Away and Bleed to Love Her, I must grit my teeth. I don't need songs that sound like what we already had. I want Crystal to Crystal.

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