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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Sounds like you are referring to the Christine Perfect Band. She was backed by Top Topham, Richard Hayward, Martin Dunsford, Chris Harding and others for her Christine Perfect album. There was going to be a follow up album and they cut a handful of tracks but the album never materialised.

Also, I think you are referring to Down at the Crown. The Crown was the local pub near the Benifolds House. Why it never appeared on an album- I have no idea, especially as it could have been on Future Games and that album was so short. I assume it was written and recorded very soon after they moved from Kiln House to Benifolds as the BBC session was late 1970. Also, why didnt The Purple Dancer or Trinity find their way onto an album? There's a quarter of a brilliant album alone there.

Those Christine Perfect Band songs, as well as the BBC recordings (including Down at The Crown) are found on the compilation album Madison Blues.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with better knowledge than me though.

You summed it up right.

That Madison Blues compilation features four studio takes with The Christine Perfect Band post her self-titled solo record. Three originals (“Gone Into the Sun”; “Tell Me You Need Me”; and “It’s You I Miss”—all more confident and promising than most of the original material from the previous solo record; and one cover (“Hey Baby”) of a Chicken Shack song (which I think doesn’t sound as good as it does in the original version). Even more exciting is FM’s live-in-studio take of “Crazy Bout You Baby” which really cooks underneath Christine’s ultra cool vocals. It also features a blistering solo from Danny and an inventive slide solo from Jeremy. The live version of “I’m On My Way” is VERY slick and should have been committed to one of their early 70s band albums. The rehearsal for Station Man can be compared to two other live versions, the last of which really burns. Other Christine moments: a live blues dirge called “Nothing Without You Baby” and a driving version of “Get Like You Used to Be” performed as a Christine-Danny vocal duet.

There are some killer live performances of Jeremy in wildly-entertaining Elvis send ups. And Danny’s “Purple Dancer” is effective—a kind of cross between Danny’s Then Play On approach mixed with The Kinks. Overall a varied set.

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