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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
[We continue with David Bowling's increasingly infamous review of FM albums, for, November 3, 2010]

Music Review: Fleetwood Mac - Mystery To Me

Fleetwood Mac may have been a troubled band in 1973, but they managed to produce Penguin and a second album in that year, entitled Mystery To Me. Bob Weston contributed to the album but was not a full-time member, so some of his contributions may have been recorded before his departure. His career in the band came to an abrupt end when he had an affair with Mick Fleetwood’s wife.
WTF?!? "not a full-time member"?? That's it...this guy obviously knows ABSOLUTELY ZERO about Fleetwood Mac. His articles are total bull****.

Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
His “Hypnotized” is one of the two terrific tracks and was an album-only radio staple for decades. The guitars combined with McVie’s keyboards to create a mystical, druggy type song. It may not have been representative of the Fleetwood Mac sound but was a perfect early seventies song.
F***!!!! "Hypnotized" was a PRIME EXAMPLE of the "Fleetwood Mac sound". This author is a prime example of the need for legal euthanasia.

Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Christine McVie was responsible for the other memorable track. “Why” is an emotional ballad which closed the album. She created just the right vehicle for her soulful and bluesy voice, and the song would also remain a part of the group’s concert act for decades. Her vocal on “Just Crazy Love” is almost as good, as it is McVie at her wistful best.
"Decades"?? REALLY? So, from 1973-1977 constitutes "decades"?? Was this author in-bred or what?

Somebody associated with the legal department of Fleetwood Mac should issue a "cease & desist" order to this guy making him stop this nonsense. The guy is a public nusance.
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