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As fun as it is to imagine some non-Stevie incarnations of Fleetwood Mac, at this point it's really only commercial interest that keeps Lindsey wanting to release work under the Mac name. Without Stevie, people just aren't going to buy into it, and there wouldn't be much point. Lindsey would be better off just working with John and Mick under his solo name. For it to work she's going to have to have some involvement, however half-assed. Which (and I say this as a diehard Stevie fan) is really too bad.

I like the idea of casually "dropping" EPs as you make them, though. I think an EP can be an artistic statement just as much as an album can be, although I don't think they've done that here. But the Mac has always been more of an individual-song band, for me, rather than a listen-to-the-full-album band, so it doesn't bother me much.
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