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Originally Posted by jwd View Post
Well, since you asked, my number one song request would be "Crystal". I've always hoped they would do this song in concert. Having said that, I would not want them to do it now, without Linds. It'd be almost sacrilegious to do it, for the first time, without him. So just never do it, unless for some unforeseen reason, he returns. Then it would be even more amazing!
Crystal is in my top 3 FM songs, and is one I always wished they would have performed live. I finally broke down and bought the Buckingham Nicks Live from Alabama cd off eBay last week, and Crystal is one of the songs they did live. I have always been fascinated by this song. Why did Lindsey sing lead on it, for example. Did Stevie write it for him to sing? Or did he hear it and ask to sing lead? I always wished they would have written more songs for each other. It would be interesting to hear Christine song That's Alright, or Stevie singing lead on Blue Letter, or Lindsey singing Brown Eyes.

Back to Crystal- I love hearing Lindsey sing those ethereal lyrics, he really gives the words gravitas that otherwise would have been lacking. I loved that song for years before I ever realized Stevie was the one who wrote it, and I was stunned. There was a femininity to the song, so since Lindsey sang it, I thought he wrote it, and I was like, "man, this guy understands the female mind!" Such a beautiful, simple song, and would have been incredible in an acoustic set with Landslide and Brown Eyes. But I can also see why Lindsey might have rather sang a song he had written instead. That's why I think it would be fine for Neil to sing Crystal, because there's no way in the world Lindsey would again, and I understand why.
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