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Originally Posted by FMlex View Post
I just got an e-mail from a person that I was good friends with from 3rd grade until 5th grade. Then middle school came and he was kind of unusual so my "group" stopped hanging out with him, therefore I saw less and less of him... that continued throughout high school.

Anyways, here's part of what he said in the e-mail (yes, that part in parentheses is him talking about himself in the third person):

I always saw you around school (Highschool)... but you never talked to me, so I figured I wouldnt talk to you!

(I understand you not wanting to talk to John... He was kinda odd

I'm feeling like a pretty crappy person...


Sounds to me like he's feeling kinda lonely and depressed and socially awkward...
Hey - maybe the COOL kids will name a BAND after him!!!!

BUT . . . probably not.

JTIS some thoughts.

P.S. - I totally missed Obama's big speech tonight.
Maybe I'll check it out on Youtube tomorrow.
So if the ghosts are gone then doesn't that mean I'm kinda screwed??

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