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a three-quarter bathroom is a toilet, sink, and shower. A full bath has a tub and a shower (can be tub/shower combo or separate tub and shower).

If a house doesn't sell, it means that buyers don't see the value of the house for the price the seller is asking. It means your price is too high.

To re-list the house again with no change in price is a sign of seller denial, and I'm more than willing to bet their agent wanted them to come down a bit. However, they took FOREVER to renovate this house-- over 4 years, and no expense was spared on the interior details and all the staging furniture etc. Too much, IMHO. They have HELLA costs to recoup on this house-- the carrying costs (i.e., the mortgage payments) for FOUR YEARS is insane. I mean, he's LB, maybe they paid cash for the original and had no financing costs, but that's tying up a sh&t ton of money for all that time at a lot of risk.

I think she went overboard with this one-- my guess is the goal was to get lots of editorial (i.e., magazine spreads) coverage to boost her profile as a designer. Not sure how well that worked.

In the original listing it hyped his wife as well as him, now that they're re-listing they talk only about him, clearly hoping the celebrity connection will help sell it. I'm betting they will need to drop the price or this will continue to sit. The longer a house sits, the more it generates a reputation as a white elephant in the real estate community, and the fewer people are willing to touch it. My bet is this will eventually have to sell at a significant price reduction.
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