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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
I agree with all points. Although it wouldn't have killed her to have given them 2-3 songs, and let it have been a FM album. It would have sold much better, and been a very nice swan song for the band. But no....

$tevie Nick$ killed Fleetwood Mac.
I ain’t no Stevie hater, tho I do care about the shi*e they dropped on Lyndsey
What you say is right....all she had to do was offer up 3 songs.
3 old ones, 3 new ??? and that’s that, job done.
If she is unable to write any new stuff, grab 3 from the cellar or whatever.

I still can’t understand why she didn’t do that..
I just don’t get it.
For what it’s worth I think BuckVie album is fine but would have been better with a couple of Stevie songs

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