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Originally Posted by Buster View Post
I'd agree except for what Stevie is doing on this tour is the opposite of what's she's been doing (solo) for the first time in years. She may not be writing new songs, but she's pushing 70 and maybe doesn't have it in her or doesn't care. What she has done is completely reinvent her approach to her live solo performance in a stunning way. To me that is just as, if not more, interesting than trying to pretend FM is a real band that can put together meaningful music when they have no authentic connection any longer. I find the idea of another FM album to be just as nostalgia based as anything else. I think what Stevie is doing on this tour is very creative and, for me, magical.

EDIT: sorry, I'm new. I'm not trying to steer into FM talk. I'm trying to talk about Stevie in context of the discussion in this thread.
I think your point of view is refreshing.
Yes, both Stevie and the other band members have reached a point in their age and careers in which they simply are nostalgia acts and there's nothing bad about it, it doesn't even depend on producing new music or albums or touring or not, it's just normal for all things to become like this.
Who knows, maybe fans can't accept it because it reflects their becoming nostalgic and old in real their life?

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