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I just watched the Tango video and was thinking what a good job Rick Vito did! He really rocked and for only a couple of days to prepare. His and Billy B. contibution was greatly appreciated. I have listened to this cd many many times. In the back of your mind I thought was a billant song. Christine was a great as ever. She has never really gotten the notoriety that she deserves. If you think about it Stevie wasn't doing all that well. I mean the really bad incident that happened with Lindsey. I don't think she was happy at all with her self at that time. It just wasn't her Stevie work that was being produced. She obviously didn't like her singing or she wouldn't of had so much effects added to her voice on most of her tracks. And especially on the concert video. OMG that was dredful! But over all the BTM cd was a great album. What happened to Rick Vito?? Or Billy Burnette? You know for being such a MACie I never heard of the Time album????????? Can someone fill me in??????

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