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I haven’t seen a lot of movies at the cinema this year for a lot of different reasons (fewer occasions, lack of people who have my same tastes, scandalously high ticket prices) and I’ve switched to watching old movies and tv series on streaming sites.

The Darkest Hour – 8/10 Beautifully shot and acted, with epic dialogues and a great work from both Gary Oldman and the Makeup department that truly brought Churchill alive

Murder on the Orient Epress – 6/10 Enjoyable, fun movie, but I didn’t appreciate the effort to modernize such a vintage story to meet today’s studios stadards.

It – 8/10 As a King fan I was both excited and prejudiced towards this movie, but I ended up being surprised by how they've been able to blend fidelity to the deepest ideas of the original work and the need to follow the guidelines of the big studios.

Blade Runner 2049 – 7,5/10 I love the original movie that I saw as a teenager, and I’ve decided to not see it again before the sequel in case it could raise too much my expectations. However I ended up being wrong, it is aesthetically a beautiful movie, Ryan Gosling did a good job shouldering almost all the weight of the film on his shoulder alone, however I am not sure it deepened and expanded enough the themes of the original.

The Circle – 6/10 I like Emma Watson, but I didn’t like this movie like I thought. The idea was very interesting but atmosphere wasn’t enough dystopic and ended up dulling the movie.

Despicable Me 3 – 7/10 I didn’t have any expectation for this movie and I’m not very familiar with the franchise, so I ended up enjoying it for its simple but goodhearted humour, it was the right choice for an evening at the ancient open theatre in the next town.

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