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11 of the best Gary Moore performances
By Matthew Parker (Total Guitar) February 07, 2011Guitars

From Skid Row to Thin Lizzy, solo and beyond
Gary Moore A timeline
On 6 February 2011, the guitar world lost one of its greats: Gary Moore.

Although Moore was perhaps best known for the blues-rock style he embraced in the latter half of his career, he was an incredibly versatile player. Here, we celebrate some of Moore's finest moments and some that you may not be familiar with…

Skid Row – Sandie's Gone

In 1969, supposedly inspired by a Jimi Hendrix concert, Gary Moore relocated from Belfast to Dublin and joined his first recording group, Skid Row, aged 16. It was during that time that the guitarist met Phil Lynott (Skid Row's first singer who would later front Thin Lizzy) and therefore began an on-and-off creative partnership that would last for years. By the time the group came to record their third single Sandie's Gone, Lynott had left and Skid Row became a power trio.

It was also during this period that Moore met and befriended Peter Green (then with Fleetwood Mac), who was a key influence on Moore's blues rock style and helped Skid Row secure a record deal with Columbia/CBS.
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