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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
By accident I hit “other”. But the 2/79 version is my favorite. Her voice is strong sans the double tracking and reverb, and the whole effect of her and Stevie singing together gives this a cool, tough, girl pop quality. I also love hearing the organ instead of the crunching guitar during the instrumental break.
Heard the 2/18/79 version on the FM Sirius channel and it really got my attention on how different it was from what ended up on the record. A lot of it has to do with what you stated. It has a looser, less structured sound to it. I'd say more melodic and not as driven as the studio version. And I love how Chris accentuates the "Think About Me" part differently. Overall there is more inflection in her voice throughout the song too. I think it is my favorite from what I've heard so far. But I also wanted to really gather how many different versions of the song were out there.
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