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Originally Posted by LB Freakazoid View Post
Gotta chime in on this one...

With artists, they put out there their personal stuff. That's whats make's them the artists that we love. That we support with our 'fandom'. When an artist, notably, singer/songwriters, display their guts and heart over personal episodes in their lives thru their music/writings - isn't that what connects us to them? So when you ask that artist to remain one dimensional (tell me how you've suffered cuz I can relate), how can you groove on who they are?
When artists put themselves open for display - that's vulnerable. And that's what is so gravitational.
However, to pigeonhole an artist to perform as you what them to, is repugnant. If not insulting to who puts themselves out there 'just to entertain' you.
Artists are not 'on demand'.
Perhaps, but I object to being lectured to - I find that to be repugnant, especially when it's on my dime.
I'm a patron who doesn't want to be patronized and told what to do by a guy whose expertise is strumming a six-string or any other instrument.
I don't care how 'vulnerable' they feel, particularly when none of the Macsters can claim to be 'starving artists'.

And I'm sorry but these are PAID professionals ordinarily under contract so yes they are indeed 'on demand'.
FYI: The Rumours lineup = Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks.

The lineup featuring Mike Campbell & Neil Finn is a Post-Rumours lineup of the band.

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