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Originally Posted by elle View Post
frankly, i don't think we know anything about his wife, and have no leg to judge her one way or another.

he did seem to have turned his life around sometime in mid-90s, that coincided with the time he met her. i'm just grateful for the music he gave us since!
Because youtube has been bombarding me with LB clips lately, I was watching one in which he talks about his kids and touring, how he talks to them every day when he's on the road,sometimes twice a day. And he said if he felt his being gone was impacting them negatively in any way then he would stop doing it (the big tours) and find other ways to work. And seeing previously that clip of him with his son when they get hit on by TMZ, he seems like he has genuinely mellowed in his personal life. (I don't doubt he can still be quite terse and harsh in the studio, but that's work). Though change comes from within, clearly he has also changed because of his relationship and children. So while one may or may not find her appealing or ever want to be friends with her, he loves her and has been with her like 17 or 18 years now. She clearly brought something good to the equation.
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