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Originally Posted by elle View Post
But Skip, not that I'm not happy that all macsters seem healthy, doing well and all, but we are not their family or friends, we are fans. If they don't produce, I as a fan of their music am getting nothing from them.

There are too many fans who seem to treat these poeple they never met as personal friends. They don't need us to "defend" them. They might need us to "clamor" for new music though, and that's exactly what many of us are doing - and we don't need any prompting for that, but we also don't need to be constantly told by a small contingent of sn fans that we should stop and just be happy these millionaires are alive and well.

Also why are people who claim to not be imterested in these threads opening and reading them, seemingly just so they can complain about us complaining? If these threads annoy you, just don't read them!
Oops I figure to ruffle your feathers on this but agree with you and others about their low or no output from them over the years and now with thick headed Stevie stalling the project for the last few years .You are right .Maybe I should not read these threads if it gets to repetitive on the topic.
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